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Product Photography Pricing

Most projects that come to Digital Product Shots are quite straightforward to price.

You require "x" amount of images photographed on a white background. For this type of project, costs can be calculated from our price list below. It's that easy. No extra costs. No hidden fees.

The costs below are based on one product per shot.
If you need multiple products in one shot we will quote you separately.
These costs are based on one product per shot and not for jewelry shots.
All pricing is in Canadian dollars.

• 1 - 4 product shots $200
• 5 - 10 product shots $45 ea.
• 10 + call for your individual pricing on product photography

$200 minimum billing applies to all orders of product or jewelry photography.
All shipping and delivery charges are additional.

* There is no art direction on set.
All your requirements will be established
prior to the shoot either through
a meeting, e-mail or on the telephone.

Jewelry Photography

think pink jewelry photography watch
Jewelry photography and other reflective product photography requires some extra time because of their reflective value. Such jewelry and reflective product shots are priced individually but still very affordable.

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